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Access for big tour buses how ya

Thank you fellow colleagues all for their information, very helpful

Is the owner the same as RM Ayam Goreng Ny. Suharti whose location is in Gedong Kuning?

I am one of the employees of the Suharti Ayam Goreng RM, there are indeed two Suharti restaurants, if Mr. Sachlan's is the logo of a rooster and uses "Ny" in the name of his restaurant, RM Ny Suharti. Whereas what belongs to Mrs. Suharti uses her own photo logo and the rest name is. SUHARTI Fried Chicken Restaurant. for the cuisine, it is said that the taste is indeed far different and for now the one that has more names is the restaurant owned by you, the branch has spread throughout the archipelago

Is there a number that can be contacted for overseas group reservations? Tx

I don't have mom ... sorry

This is a chicken

Yes, the chicken is wrapped in natural herbs and spices

Serving delivery?

iyh, you can

Disini buka loker gak yah ? 🙏

I don't think so .... 🙏🙏🙏

Info for the menu, bring the tourism group, min, what's the matter

Chicken main menu, suitable for groups

Ada smoking area?


Assalamualaikum... Sorry, does anyone have the reza number, bro? 🙏

If you know anyone? 🙏 Private driver there

There is a back entrance to the restaurant like there is a room, is there an inn?

Nothing that house who had a restaurant

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